All measurements. All records. One system.

Powerful diagnostic and collaboration solution
in the palm of your hand anytime, anywhere.

How it works

Pick a patient directly from tablet

Select a patient from electronic record directly on the tablet and choose the measurement you want to perform. No more browsing through patient folders in your old medical record cabinets.

Start measurement on tablet

Place the diagnostic tool on a patient and operate every measurement with one device - the tablet. Automatic coordination of devices saves your time and eliminates errors made due to device miscoordination.

Analyse the results on-screen

Results appear on the screen and are saved in patient profiles automatically. The operating system makes it easy to interact and manipulate with the gathered data through features such as commenting, graph scaling, result comparison, second opinion sharing and more.


Web-based application

The data collected on tablet is instantly available for review in mRECORDS. If a nurse performs a measurement on tablet, data is available to the doctor on PC simultaneously. Results are also automatically synchronized with existent electronic patient data system.


A marketplace of medical apps

Need some help with interpreting that ECG diagram? Want to measure aPWV with your blood pressure cuff? Do more with your diagnostic tools by upgrading the app-like measurements in the mSTORE or get additional support from 3rd party apps like drug register or body atlas.

Comming soon.


MESI mTABLET ECG with 12-lead wireless ECG module

Enhanced blood pressure cuff measures:
  • AI
  • aPWV
  • CBP
  • BP
All-in-one cardio test tool measures:
  • ECG
  • ECGI
  • sECGI